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Products & Formulations

What makes Circumference products different from other skincare brands out there?

We are inspired by a circular vision and take all interconnected factors into account when formulating. In order to create true future-forward skincare, we tap into the best that natural and scientific innovation has to offer.

Unlike other brands, we don’t solely rely on our customers to recycle to be considered sustainable.Instead, we’ve adopted a root-to-leaf mantra, in which we aim to leave the Earth just as we left it, if not better.

Looking more closely at the idea of throwing things away, it becomes clear that ‘away’ doesn’t exist. In 2020, we adapted a new model (called WasteNot [link to]) to tap into other industries and upcycle extracted raw materials into a new lifecycle. To close the loop, we dry it into mulch, where it can be composted back at the original source for the next season’s harvest.

What skin types do Circumference products target?

While Circumference products are formulated for all skin types and conditions, your skin may respond better to one over another. We would never make claims that any of our products are a cure-all for all skin issues, as we scientifically know that to be impossible, but what we can promise - is that we use the absolute highest-quality ingredients, and formulate each and every product intentionally to deliver desired results.

Are Circumference products pregnancy-safe?

Our founder, Jina, used the range throughout her pregnancy but we would always recommend consulting with your physician first!

What is the shelf life of Circumference products?

All of our products have a 12-month shelf life once the product is opened, with the exception of the Vital-C Antioxidant Day Serum which we recommend using within 6 months for maximum efficacy.

Since we use mostly natural ingredients and don’t use heavy chemicals in our products, over time, you may notice some color change and separation in the product. Don’t be alarmed! Just give the product a shake before use to re-incorporate the ingredients, and you’re good to go.

Are Circumference products recyclable?

Our packaging design is in step with our circular vision. The bottles are made of glass, an infinitely recyclable material. The components such as lids and pumps are made of PET plastic until a better option becomes available. Last, all of our paper materials are FSC-certified recyclable and biodegradable.

Are Circumference products considered clean?

All of our products are naturally-powered and blended with a combination of non-harmful synthetics for maximum efficacy, safety, and stability.

We never use parabens, phtalates, sulfates, BHAs, BHTs, synthetic fragrances, or toxic additives. These chemicals are widely known to be not just harmful to your health and your skin, but to our planet at scale. Your safety is our top concern—so anything that may even potentially hurt you or your (our) environment will never find its way into our products.

Does Circumference test on animals?

Never. We are a 100% cruelty-free company.

Are Circumference products vegan?

Yes! 100%