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Ingredients — Truly Natural is Truly Native

The next wave of skincare must go beyond a stellar-looking, well-hyped ingredient list. At Circumference, it’s not only what’s inside the bottle that counts. It’s the where. It’s the how.

That’s why we only and ethically source sustainable, natural, plant-based materials from their own native growing regions—meaning, the places where these species originally are from and most healthfully thrive.

01. Native is the definition of sustainable

When crops are forcibly grown where nature didn’t intend them to be, intense agricultural practices and toxic chemicals are required to keep them hanging onto life.

Instead, native plants are exactly where they’re supposed to be, a happy and integrated part of their ecosystem—and so they are healthier, more nutritionally dense and more beneficial. They require less work and no chemicals to thrive. The local farmers who grow them play a powerful role in maintaining the vitality of their homelands, instead of resorting to destructive commercial cash crops like palm oil. By sourcing from native regions, we show them that their product has real market value, and that they can be compensated fairly for doing things with integrity. This is true sustainability.

02. Transparency comes with the territory

Sourcing plants from their native areas has another key advantage: transparency is a natural byproduct. There’s simply a lot less to hide when things are done in harmony with nature, with mindfulness and respect.

We source from farmers who operate based on the principles of what thrives naturally in their native environment. These growers have deep passion, knowledge, and experience, a true connection with what they cultivate. This translates automatically into a sense of pride and openness into their methods, and therefore, we automatically have better visibility into process and quality. It becomes easy to monitor for signs of shortage, and impossible to cloak harmful practices.

When you’re proud of your home and what you lovingly produce from it, you welcome the world in with open arms. It’s as easy as that.

03. Purity is proximity

It makes all the sense in the world: the closer a plant is to where it’s supposed to be, the higher its integrity and potency. Studies show that natural ingredients sourced from native lands hold purer, unaltered chemical compounds and molecular structures.

Think about when you feel the easiest, happiest version of you. It’s when you’re wherever you call home, in the ideal environment you’ve designed perfectly for yourself. When a plant has all of the native conditions it loves, in just the right amounts—rain, sun, fertilization, humidity, balanced soil—it can become its strongest, and most stable. It can become its purest plant self.

And when it’s these plants become the skincare you slather on, rather than the cash crops eking out their survival in nutrient-poor lands that are alien to them, it’s not difficult to see—and feel—how we and our complexions ultimately benefit.

Mindful manufacturing practices

The only way to create quality skincare that supports true beauty is one that has a much deeper impact than skin itself. We’re committed to breaking down every business practice of the industry that prioritizes profit over people and planet, to flipping the script, and to creating a brave new skincare world.

Here’s how we’re doing it.

04. 100% toxin-free

There are over 1,000 proven-harmful chemicals being used in cosmetics and beauty products today, and the list continues to grow as more studies are conducted. As part of our commitment to our health and our environment, we closely review our formulations as new information comes to light, and adjust swiftly and accordingly.

Every Circumference product is 100% toxin-free, because poisons don’t belong in our bodies or in our environment—period.

The following toxic chemicals and compounds are always and forever banished from our labels:

  • Animal-Derived (Fat and Musk)
  • Ammonium/Sodium Sulfates
  • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)
  • Chemical Sunscreens
  • Mercury and Mercury Compounds
  • Mineral Oil
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Formaldehyde and FRP’s (Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives)
  • Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMIT)
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Phthalates

05. We only use extraction methods that uphold the highest ingredient integrity.

Our plant-based materials are extracted through two methods to ensure that its native, natural nutrient composition remains pure.

  • Cold-pressed or temperature-controlled expeller extraction — All of our oils are either cold-pressed or temperature-controlled expeller pressed, which guarantees that the natural enzymes within the plants are protected from excess friction and extreme temperature.
  • Phytoextraction — Our botanical extracts are extracted using a lengthy process called phytoextraction. While phytoextraction can often take 4x as long as chemical or solvent extraction, it ensures that no harmful chemicals are used. Heavy use of solvents strips away essential nutrients and leaves trace amounts of these chemicals, which ultimately end up on our skin.

06. Our wastewater is purer than tap water.

We partner with our local municipal facilities to follow strict wastewater-processing specifications, ensuring that any potential contaminants are not leaked into our natural water resources. On top of that, our reverse osmosis system averages 90% reclamation, resulting in purified wastewater that actually exceeds the quality of water coming out of the average tap.

07. We refuse to use single-use plastic and packaging.

One third of all plastic items are used only once, then thrown away. But they don’t biodegrade. Ever. They just break down into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastic, and some reports estimate they’ll remain in the environment for 2,000 years—if not longer.

Plastic is one of the greatest threats facing our planet today. That’s why:

  • We never use single-use plastics — Which also means we aren’t producing single-use samples until we can find better alternatives in packaging materials.
  • We only use recyclable materials – We choose packaging that can be easily recycled, such as glass and paper.
  • We don’t stop there — We continually invest efforts into finding and testing better, truly biodegradable materials for our packaging. Innovative new solutions are being developed every day, and we’re committed to seeking out the leading edge of sustainable consumer packaging.

08. We upcycle our raw botanical materials

Much of the raw organic matter that we source and create our extracts from is still highly biologically valuable after a Circumference product has been made. Following our extraction process, the natural and nutrient-rich byproducts—such as mulch and ground-up seeds—are separated. We then work with a number of partners to send this organic material to nearby farms in upstate NY, to be used as compost, fertilizer, or feed for livestock.

Replenishing our skin while replenishing our Earth—that’s a waste-free win-win, if we’ve ever heard one.