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Where most models see waste as an end point, we see it as a place to start something new.

Introducing Waste-Not Sourcing Initiative

Intelligent sourcing is the next revolution in sustainable beauty—and there’s no smarter, kinder way to gather ingredients than from what would otherwise already be tossed out. Where most production models see “waste” as an end point, we’re designing ways to make sure what gets thrown out is actually called back in.

Beginning in 2020, Circumference is taking cues from nature’s own ingenious self-renewing design, partnering with independent agricultural producers to upcycle their byproducts into luxe, highly bioactive skincare botanicals—closing the loop and opening new avenues for a healthier planet.

We call it Waste-Not Ingredient Sourcing, and it’s a beauty-industry first. Cross-industry collaboration in the name of true, full-circle sustainability—root to leaf, and back again.

A Future Forward Vision in Partnership with Brightland

As a botanical company, we don’t just use the plants for their ingredients, we work with them and strive to work like them. Nature is collaborative and integrative. And while the beauty industry at large currently falls short of that, we’re building cross-industry partnerships for real impact.

In 2020, we first introduced Waste-Not Sourcing and showed the world that one man's trash can indeed be another's treasure.

And today, in our partnership with Brightland, we have the unique opportunity to source their valuable byproduct (olive leaves) and give it new purpose. By working with Brightland to salvage their unused olive leaves, we’re able to source a high-quality ingredient that might otherwise be discarded and ultimately allows us to reduce waste on both ends.

How it Works—A Fully Circular Life Cycle

Our innovative partnership with Brightland enhances both of our systems and acts as a model for strengthening a common and widely accepted weak spot: the wasting of viable resources. Working together, we’re helping shape the future of sustainability in our industries and beyond.

As Brightland works to craft olive oil, there naturally comes a point in the olive oil making process when there's an excess of unusable botanical materials—olive leaves—that have no purpose in Brightland's final product. To prevent these precious resources from going to waste, we step in and steward them to their next phase as Olea Europaea Leaf Extract—a highly potent, bioactive skincare ingredient that will go on to act as a key ingredient in our Daily Regenerative Cleanser. Once we’ve extracted what we need from the leaves, we then reintegrate the residual into the farming cycle as compost to fortify the soil once more.

About our Partner — Brightland

Born in California, Brightland is a modern pantry essentials brand offering consciously crafted olive oils and vinegars. Brightland has changed the face of the industry with a fresh, elevated aesthetic and a dedication to sourcing high-quality, traceable ingredients. Brightland’s standout products are organic, sustainably sourced, and crafted with intention.

About our Partner — Bedell Cellars

Bedell Cellars is a family-owned winery and sustainably farmed vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island. Bedell has cemented a reputation as a leader in sustainable winegrowing through dedication to grower education and environmental initiatives.

One of North East’s very first certified sustainable wineries, Bedell Cellars continues to push boundaries both regionally and nationally through partnerships with the U.S. Sustainable Winegrowing Summit and Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing—which seek to unite sustainable winegrowers across the country under a common set of principles and practices. Bedell Cellars strives to be environmental stewards for the next generation of winegrowers and the great vintages yet to come.