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Beauty as an industry, has been built on a whole lot of ugly. We're here to turn it all around. With uncomplicated, potent, pleasure-filled skincare essentials that refuse to play by the current standards.

We're guided by ethics, not profits. We honor Nature, and the people who tend to her. We see no place for even a drop of toxicity or mistreatment, in our products or ourselves or our Earth. It's simple—true beauty is truly beneficial, for everyone and everything. Period.

Our Foundation

Effective, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, guided by radically ethical practices. No toxins, no shortcuts, no harm, no guilt. Ever.

It's an approach that not only does right by our skin—a thing of nature itself—but our fellow humans, and our cherished environment.

More on Our Ingredients & Sustainable Practices

Our Story

Growing up in a household that instilled a passion for healthy skin, I found inspiration from the women in my life in believing that taking care of your skin was equally as important as taking care of your health.

As I got older, I found much of the rhetoric behind the beauty industry to be exhausting and shallow. Lacking in both healthy, effective ingredients and eco-conscious sensibilities, the beauty industry just didn’t feel like the sophisticated approach to skincare I grew up in.

It was really at this point I was inspired to bridge my passion in beauty with a desire to build a brand that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

With every effective product we design and formulate, we put sustainability at the core of our foundation. Our north star—to make truly effective, quality beauty products that does right by our skin, our fellow humans, and our environment.

— Jina Kim, Founder