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We’re about skincare that gives a care.

We’re here to indulge fully and fearlessly in our daily beauty routine, with refined skincare essentials that are boldly ethical, toxin- and guilt-free, marvelously potent, and an unapologetic pleasure to use.

Because we believe that skincare should support and delight not only in our skin, but our planet—and every gorgeous thing within it.

In a world where beauty can get pretty ugly, we say—
thanks, but no thanks.

“Beauty”, as a modern-day industry, is built on a shocking amount of lasting harm. From toxic chemicals to detrimental farming and manufacturing practices and are-you-kidding-us claims. Enough’s enough. The negative impacts of taking care of ourselves from the outside in have gone on for far too long.

Can you really call something beautiful, when it comes at such a cost?

So we wondered, and dreamed. What if we removed every drop of dishonesty, waste, glitter? What if looking and feeling good never felt bad, and always felt amazing? What if we went back to the natural source of beauty itself—nature—and honored her, first and foremost?

Circumference is the luxury skincare company we’ve always longed to find, and a belief that personal beauty should never come at an ugly price. That’s the world we envision and the one we work each day to support, in every single drop, swipe, and smear.

The future of skincare goes beyond the bottle.

It’s not just what’s in the package that counts. It’s the package itself. It’s who produces our ingredients, and the methodologist behind how they’re farmed, processed and bottled. Because to transform skincare as a whole into something that’s uncompromisingly beneficial and beautiful, every step along the way matters.

With every product we formulate at Circumference, from start to finish, we practice what we dream—an approach to beauty that’s built on awareness and integrity above all.

What distinguishes us from the rest lies in our practices—rooted in an ethical and sustainable approach that puts humans and our planet above profits.

Effective, rigorously sourced ingredients of the highest order.

We choose our partners based on their commitment to nutrient-rich indigenous ingredients. It’s the micro-details that we obsess over, going beyond just the ingredient percentages and employing state-of-the-art composition testing to validate their quality and purity, and ultimately determining how each ingredient’s unique, individual composition works within the whole.

Mindful manufacturing practices that does no harm, ever.

We refuse to engage in destructive practices, animal testing or use toxic materials, and automatically disregard any ingredient that could potentially harm you or the Earth. Safety and stability for all are paramount.

A conscious approach to waste.

Our water filtration process ensures no toxic runoff, and the natural byproducts of creating our botanicals are used as fertilizer or compost. We use glass instead of plastic, and recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable whenever possible for everything else.

Continuous development of ever-more sustainable methods and materials.

This means we constantly test new materials, formulations and technologies to improve sustainability, while ensuring that quality and efficacy are never compromised.

Circumference, above all, is for you—to care for your skin and your overall well-being. Is there something we should take a look at, or could improve? Let us know. We’re here to listen.

Meet the founder

Growing up in a household that instilled a passion for healthy skin, Jina found inspiration from the women in her life in believing that taking care of your skin was equally as important as taking care of your health.

As an adult, Jina found the rhetoric of most skincare brands exhausting and lacking both healthy ingredients and eco-conscious sensibilities. The over-the-top, wasteful packaging, quick-fix claims and messaging, and harmful toxins commonly used in the beauty industry did not feel like the sophisticated approach to skincare she had learned growing up.

After working in the fashion industry, Jina and her husband Chris teamed up and turned their attention toward their personal passion — beauty.

As outsiders of the industry, Jina was able to approach the industry with a fresh perspective and vision. She questioned and challenged the status quo by asking not just the “what” but the “how” and “why”, effectively uncovering layers of decades-old unethical, profit-first practices that litter the industry today. From heavy exploitation of unsustainable natural ingredients and resources to unrelenting use of unrecyclable plastics and toxins that devastate and pollute our marine eco-system, Jina made it a mission to create a brand that steadily works to reduce those harms, while refocusing our understanding of healthy skincare.

Jina believes that a beauty brand can be so much more than a beauty brand. She aims to be a bridge toward a bigger conversation: to do right by our skin, our fellow humans, and our environment.

Transforming the skincare industry at large.

Our Practices

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