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About Us

Powerful with lush, native-grown botanicals, backed by leading science, and committed to creating a more balanced world—from soil to skin, and back again.

Our plant-based formulas are designed to deliver the highest level efficacy for deep skin nourishment. Every product we make is a meticulous blend of potent, plant-derived actives proven to be highly effective, safe and stable.

The science is clear—not all ingredients work alike. The key to true efficacy is bioactivity, which is the percentage of nutrients in a particular substance that are actually available and active for your body to use.

We only source indigenous botanicals with high bioactivity, a natural benefit of plants being grown healthfully in their native, bio-diverse environments. It’s more laborious, requires considerable care and is, for us, non-negotiable.

Safe, stable, balanced

It’s our priority to engineer balanced formulas that are safe and stable. Our specialized extraction method requires zero solvents or harsh chemicals—just time and diligence—which enables us to extract pure constituents, optimized for your skin’s absorption. When developing our blends with natural active botanicals, we take great care to combine the powerful actives with safe, gentle synthetics to help stabilize every single formula.

We put ourselves under the microscope

Integrity and purity are what we obsess about. And the only way to ensure quality with any ingredient is to go deep—molecular-level deep. We use state-of-the-art composition testing methods to analyze every material that we consider for a Circumference formulation. Only the highest bioactive extracts with the purest molecular signatures make it through.

This is how we translate (our) scientific insights into high-efficacy formulas.

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A sustainable brand should drive change. We believe it’s our responsibility to pave new roads—to innovate in order to create cross-industry impact that leaves a bigger positive footprint.

True change is on us.

More On Sustainability

From the beginning, the importance of beautiful skin was instilled in me by the gorgeous women in my life. A meticulous skincare regimen was a given—not an option. I learned early on that the state of my complexion was as important as the state of my health.

After launching a sustainable fashion brand, I came back to beauty, my earliest passion. I realized that while healthy-looking skin is prized, the products used to achieve it were full of not-so-healthy, not-so-ethical stuff. Digging deeper, I saw that skincare is an industry in need of major systemic change. And I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

With each and every product Circumference creates, we put sustainability at the core. Our promise and north star: to make safe, effective, unapologetically pleasure-filled beauty products that not only do right by our skin, but our fellow humans, and greater world.

Jina Kim
CEO & Founder