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Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil


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Our signature, all-purpose facial oil to help balance and promote nourished skin.

We carefully tailor our proprietary blend of 16 different organic, indigenous botanicals—sacha inchi, marula, prickly pear, sea buckthorn, jojoba, among others—to achieve not only the right proportion of oils, but a powerful mix of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The result is Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil, a supremely balanced, versatile oil that finely tunes your skin's oil balance, while smoothing out dry, uneven skin tone.

With a canvas of clean, toned skin, warm a few drops in palms. Pat face with fingertips and light, upward motions. Throughout the day, press a drop or two on top of makeup for a renewed glow.

  • Hydrates and rejuvenates dull, dry skin.
  • Minimizes fine lines and enhances elasticity.
  • Balances oil/sebum production.
  • Evens out complexion and uneven color tone.


Lightweight, non-greasy, fast absorbing.


Lightly floral and herbaceous.


Key Ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Marcel Bennett
Skin Type: Dry

I purchased the ‘Skin Hydration Set’ for my girlfriend who experienced some issues with her skin clarity. I am very pleased by the positive reaction received from the packaging and the products themselves. The most notable detail is her statement that the In-Depth Hydration Face Mask properly moisturized her skin without a greasy feeling post treatment. The Active Botanical Toner leaves her skin feeling firm and elastic. The Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil smells and creates eliminates visible lines noticeably around the eyes and forehead.

Jackie Johnson
Skin Type: Dry
Try it

My skin goes through phases when none of my skincare works like it used to….except this. Whenever I’m out, my skin rebels until I repurchase and reapply. I’ve tried other facial oils, cheaper and more expensive, but they really don’t compare. There’s fragrance here and I know some are weary of that, but I’ve had no issue with it and it seems to add to the self-care element. I love this oil, obviously. I’ll continue to repurchase as long as it exists.

Irena Zharova
Skin Type: Combination
Really like it!

I had a sample of this oil with my previous purchase and liked it so much that I ordered a bottle. Besides described effects that all have come true, I discovered an additional benefit. I don't know if it the smell or any incredients absorbed but after applying it I got extra perk of alertness. I now use it during those midday hours when sleepiness creeps in. The effect is almost immediate and lasts for about an hour, until my evening second wind kicks in.

Sarah K
Skin Type: Combination
Amazing oil

Perfect for combination skin, smells great too!

Sam V
Skin Type: Dry
The perfect face oil does exist

I've used hundreds of face oils... this one nails it. It absorbs quickly, but not too quickly. Not greasy, but rich. My skin just soaks this stuff up and leaves it feeling perfect.

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