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Essential Hydration Set

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Every element you need to restore the plumpness and dewiness your skin so rightfully deserves.

Begin with Active Botanical Refining Toner, to prep skin for optimal absorption. Then deliver intense moisture and hydration with In-Depth Hydration Mask—let the 20 minutes do its thing. Lastly, seal it all in with Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil.

Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil

With a canvas of clean, toned skin, warm a few drops in palms. Pat face with fingertips and light, upward motions. Throughout the day, press a drop or two on top of makeup for a renewed glow.

In-Depth Hydration Face Mask

Use 1-2 times per week, as needed. Apply a generous, even layer across a clean face and neck—the texture will remain soft and creamy. After up to 20 minutes, gently rinse away with warm water. Follow with a refreshing toner.

Active Botanical Refining Toner

Morning and night, moisten a clean cotton pad with toner and gently sweep over face and neck to prime skin. Continue with the rest of your regimen.

Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil

  • Hydrates and rejuvenates dull skin complexion.
  • Minimizes lines and enhances elasticity.
  • Balances oil/sebum production.
  • Evens out complexion and uneven color tone.

In-Depth Hydration Face Mask

  • Intensive, focused hydration.
  • Instant, long-lasting relief for dry or dull skin.
  • Creates a barrier to lock in and retain moisture.
  • Smooths out fine lines and unevenness.

Active Botanical Refining Toner

  • 100% alcohol-free composition that never strips your natural oils.
  • Refines pores, hydrates, and preps skin to absorb all the nourishing products that you can layer on.
  • Has brightening capabilities to perk up complexion and even out skin tone.
  • Restores balanced skin pH levels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Skin Type: Combination
Great product is an understatement

To say this product is great is an understatement. I’ve battled with psoriasis flare ups on my face throughout my teen and adulthood life. Mainly on my forehead, chin, cheek, and below my nose. When I do put my psoriasis ointment it more than likely followed with acne and extremely dry skin so I would avoid the ointment as much as I could. Ive been using the essential hydration set for about a month now and not only has it mitigated the flare ups, but you can hardly see the areas where my psoriasis has taken an impact on my skin. I can’t thank the creators enough for this truly magic in a bottle. You guys have a customer for life.

Skin Type: Combination
Simple, effective, beautiful

I have loved every product I have tried from Circumference. Not only is the brand incredibly cool from a beauty and sustainability perspective, but the packaging is all recyclable. The products themselves are so soft and nourishing to my skin. I believe in this brand. And excited to see how they grow!

Skin Type: Dry
Amazing combination

Tried the face oil first and decided to jump into this 3 piece set. Amazing combination. Especially love the toner, perfect for day to day use. The three compliment each other so well!

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